In Praise Of… Yep Bike

If you ever need to reignite your faith in the wider cycling community then I can suggest few better people to meet than Roman and his colleagues at Yep Bike in San Pedro, just south of Marbella on the Costa del Sol. I first contacted Roman a couple of weeks ago when starting to think about how I could get Reggie The Bike back into tip top condition after his journey being couriered from the UK to Spain. One of his two shops in the town was not too far from my uncle’s apartment where the bike had spent the month of March locked in a dark storeroom, and from the Yep Bike websiteย I could see quite quickly that language wouldn’t be an issue. Just what I needed. Roman is from Germany and actually has three bike shops: two in San Pedro and a third in Austin, Texas of all places (although he has no connections with that other, rather more infamous, resident of the American city). “Yes”, giving the bike a quick check wouldn’t be a problem and after having delivered it to Yep Bike on Saturday the job was done for this morning. But not just a quick check; a thorough one at a budget price. ย Even the spokes were checked and adjustments made. I cycled the 10km back to my uncle’s flat a happy cyclist thanks to Roman and his colleagues at Yep Bikes. Recommended! (He even gave me one of his bright orange t-shirts although it is Roman in the picture below, not me…)

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