Dragons’ Den; Eurovelos 2 & 4

The following email arrived earlier today and the first line comes straight from a pitch on Dragons’ Den;

Hi Andrew,
You don’t know us but we are a new company that will focus on eccentric races and charity events, we are planning a 2600km bike ride across Europe and were hoping to make use of your expertise! Some of our route is likely to be based on the Eurovelo routes 4 and 2 in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland we have until now been unable to find any worthy guide books or maps on the route – do you perhaps have any recommendations, although it seems that you have not undergone these routes, you seem to be in the know!

P.S. We think you should choose the roasted red colour for your walls!

Well, if I had £50,000 to invest, I probably would, especially as Daniel has elevated me to the level of an expert. If only I were. Eurovelo routes 2 & 4 are east-west jobs as you can see in the map below. Eurovelo 2 is the ‘Capitals Route’ from Galway to Moscow and is 5,500 km long. Eurovelo 4 is a slightly shorter 4,000 km adventure known as the ‘Central Europe Route’ from Roscoff to Kiev. But it seems that Daniel has come up against the problem of most Eurovelo cyclists; the lack of information available about the routes. A quick search tells me that route 2 piggy backs upon a German route – R1 – from The Hague to the German-Polish border. This website in English gives information about that portion of the journey. I suspect that other bits of EV2 & EV4 will piggy back in a similar fashion upon other national or regional routes as the EV5 does along the Rhine and across Switzerland. Good luck with your research Daniel. Let me know how you get on with your company. I wonder if there is scope for a pitch to the real Dragons; cycling the Eurovelo routes courtesy of their investment and writing guide books as a result… Not a bad idea.

Daniel’s fledgling company is called Wacky Chases and there is a website under construction here.

Just for the record by the way, I didn’t paint the walls. My indecision was chronic and I still live in a very magnolia flat.

P.S. I have tried to email you directly Daniel but the email just bounced back from the info@… address you used to contact me.

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  1. Hi Andrew
    Hadn’t realised when I decided to ride Lon Las Cymru NCR’s 8 & 42 I was also riding EV2. Despite having the Sustrans guidebook for this section and checking out the route on the ever dependable OS maps there is still some mystery about the surface conditions in some places. I will be riding this over three days from the 20th of April. If I survive the Welsh hills I’ll post my findings on this 200 mile section. I’m really looking forward to this, being the first time I have put some sort of tour together, maybe it will lead to bigger things… Dreams about turning left after the Severn Bridge and heading for Moscow.

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