Rothko / Sykes (?)

It’s a Sykes rather than a Rothko. Sorry to disappoint. Twelve months ago today I had just arrived in Strasbourg along the route of the Eurovelo 5. Today, I have spent much of the day in deliberation as to what colour to paint my living room, if at all. At least it is dry in my flat. The Rothko-like ‘painting’ shown here is not only not a Rothko, it is not even a painting. It is the three colours I was considering for the colour of my living room; from left to right, ‘Roasted Red’, ‘Intense Truffle’ and ‘Malt Chocolate’. And I think I have concluded that none of them is suitable. Far too dark for my modern abode. The whole experience has, however, been very enlightening. I stood for quite some time in front of the rows of paint pots in my local Homebaseย trying to decide which colour to choose. I couldn’t, so I bought three ‘sampler’ pots – the ones you can see here. Wouldn’t you just love the job of making up the names for the paints they sell in shops like Homebase. Here are a few other paints that Dulux sell. In no particular order (other than the order I have discovered them in the brochure), ‘Overtly Olive’, ‘Blue Babe’, ‘Dusted Fondant’, ‘Mud Hut’, ‘Plunge Pool’, ‘Gallant Grey’, ‘Burning Embers’, ‘Midnight Kiss’, ‘Lemon Pie’, ‘Sexy Pink’, ‘Urban Obsession’, & ‘Wellbeing’. They are all fantastic. Just a pity that I will probably ignore the lot and choose ‘Magnolia’. Put me back on the bike in wet Strasbourg.

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