Spotted in Rural Oxfordshire

Here is my first track with the new SPOT device. Sending a message every ten minutes means that between home and work, a journey that normally takes me only about 25 minutes, I would expect to have two “waypoints” tracked between me setting off and arriving. I only have one and I think this is because I have to pass under some quite dense trees as I get closer to Henely itself. However, as the start and end points are tracked (when I pushed the button to start and stop the tracking), I still get a pretty good record of where I have been. Imagine that over the entire length of the Eurovelo 5…. all 3,900 kms of it!

My next challenge is to get a live map up and running on this website. WordPress is not great at accepting HTML so despite there being an option within the Spot website (it’s actually part of a sister website called Spot Adventures) to embed the map on another website, after much fiddling, copying and pasting, I didn’t succeed last night. One for the weekend I think (or instead of tonight’s football if it turns out to be as dreary as Netherlands v Uruguay was last night….).


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