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We are currently going through a mini heat-wave here in south-east England (confirmed by the fact that earlier this week the first hose-pipe ban was announced…). Temperatures are predicted to soar to around 30 degrees today (in the shade). I cast my mind back to a similar sun-drenched period early last summer and then a miserable middle and end of the summer. But make hay while the sun shines! And it’s only three weeks (tomorrow) until I set off. Still much to do (I wrote something similar last weekend and not much progress in the last seven days), especially my stage plans which haven’t progressed past Lille yet. I’ll hopefully crack on with that later this morning. The bit from Lilleย  to Luxembourg is a bit of a mystery as that is the portion of the Eurovelo 5 that I have changed and cut off Brussels and most of Belgium.

I continue to be heartened by nice people who send me messages like this one from Thom Swift via Facebook;

Hi Andrew.
Have just discovered your blog with great interest. I myself am cycling from Sussex to Malta and am planning on cycling partly on the Eurovelo 5. The original plan was to walk to Malta but I unfortunatelyย had to abandon it after 3 days in a French hospital. Planning on leaving on the 17th July from roughly where I abandoned my trip, about 150 miles in. Only planing to do 30-50 miles a day so perhaps will bump into you somewhere along the route. Interested to know what is your expected daily mileage??
Good luck with your efforts. Your blog has been an amazing find!

It would be ironic if I were to literally bump into him and he ended up back in hospital… But I’ll send him a message back and look out for him (“what will you be wearing?”).

Do you remember me mentioning Alain from Boulogne-sur-mer in France? He contacted me via Warmshowers at the start of June…. and he is due to arrive tomorrow!!! He said at the time;ย ย Iโ€™m cycling to my friend Philโ€™s birthday party in Shrewsbury later this month. I hope to be in Reading on the 27th during the afternoon. Iโ€™m easy-going, do not smoke, travel extensively on my bike and can hopefully host you on your journey to Italy. I hope he likes watching football as there is a little match taking place tomorrow afternoon in South Africa… The French probably justย want the World Cup to just go away but he sounds like an anglophile so it should be OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

OK. Off to do the household tasks and then the route planning beckons….


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  1. Here in the northeast US, we are experiencing the same heatwave…it’s been humid and miserable for the last three weeks. I feel your pain!

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