21 Day List

I’ve never been a list person; I would spend more time writing lists than actually ticking things off the list. But I feel the strange urge to write one following the comment in the previous post about having so much to do… Updated at 4.30pm

1. Finish planning the routeย – it was too sunny but I did buy the missing map covering Champagne and the Ardennes!

2. Have the bike serviced (it is entitled to a free one following its purchase earlier in the year) – phoned AW Cycles and they said I could drop it in anytime this week after work

3. Buy the ferry ticket – it’s the thought that counts; will wait until after pay day on Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Ring the camp-site in Canterbury to check reservation situation

5. Buy travel insurance – visited a few Internet sites and spoke to Barclaysย (“we don’t cover bikes”). Endsleigh do cover for around ยฃ35

6. Practice putting the tent up

7. Buy extra megabytes for Internet access on the phone (ยฃ2 per dayย for 2MB per day)ย – spoke to Orange who clearly haven’t read what it says on their own website… sigh… Spent a lot of time early this afternoon drooling over alternatives to the i-Phone 4, notably the Samsung Galaxy S. Need to wait a few days for it to be delivered to an Orange shop

8. Buy tracking device (?) – Spot 2? – Is it a cost too far….?

9. Sort out financial bits and pieces (bills etc…) – ongoing

10. Pack and go! – plenty of advice given below in the comments – thanks!

That doesn’t seem too much does it? What have I forgotten?

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  1. 12. Go for a trial ride and camp. Think about how is best to split up what you will be carrying to have equal weight in bags either side and just get used to setting up and packing up.

    • Insurance – don’t know yet!
      Internet – from Orange (on contract)

      Travel Data Daily – Europe
      Our Travel Data Daily bundles give you peace of mind when you travel in Europe.

      Once you opt in, the bundle begins automatically, as soon as you start using data in Ireland and Channel Islands zone or Europe 1 zone. You will be charged the bundle fee each day for any data you use, up until the allowance has been used. The bundle will last up until midnight of that same day (local time).

      All you need to do is buy it more than 24 hours before you travel, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you use more than the bundle allowance in a day, costs revert to ยฃ3 per MB.

      Travel Data Daily – 2 MB ยฃ2 2 MB 66% Daily browsing of the mobile internet on any handset or smartphone
      Travel Data Daily – 50 MB ยฃ8.50 50 MB 99% Daily mobile internet for higher usage with iPhones

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      All usage is subject to a cap (the allowance detailed above), and out of bundle usage is charged at the standard rate of ยฃ3 per MB

  2. If in doubt. Trial pack on a friday night and then, before you go live out of the bags for a weekend. You will soon know what you need and mabey things you don’t.

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