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Paul Gentle’s Tarifa to Nordkapp 2020: Spain, Part 2

The Coronavirus outbreak has upturned many of our lives. I am now unemployed, for example, but in the context of a medical emergency, even that seems quite small beer. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece written by Paul Gentle about the first leg of his cycle from Tarifa in Spain to Nordkapp in Norway. Alas, that endeavour has also become a victim of the virus and now been cancelled. A few days ago Paul returned back to the UK from Nice in France. To his credit, however, Paul has written a second piece for about the second part of his cycle through Spain.

Paul Gentle’s Tarifa to Nordkapp 2020: Spain, Part 3

Where were we? Or rather, where was Paul Gentle? The observant amongst you – well, the ones who listened to Episode 015 of The Cycling Europe Podcast – will remember that Paul didn’t make it quite as far as Nordkapp, for fairly obvious reasons. But he did make it as far as Nice in France and will hopefully one day soon return to complete the journey. But here in the written world of these posts (as opposed to the spoken world of podcasts), Paul has just arrived in Valencia.

Tourist Agencies In Europe

Cycling in Europe… in the words of those who live there and would like you to visit! Albania ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Albanian National Tourism Agency http://www.albania.alCycling Information“For all cycling lovers, Albania is becoming a very good destination to experience natural beauties and unique panoramic views . That exist many type […]

The Ryburn Valley Greenway

‘Greenways’, ‘Vias Verdes‘, ‘Voies Vertes‘… they are all the same thing – in English, Spanish and French respectively – and they have cropped up from time to time in this parish, most recently a couple of months ago when I had the opportunity of cycling along the Waterford […]

The Queensbury (Cycling?) Tunnel has just received a bit of a makeover… and what better way to mark the event than an initiative that seeks to reinvent a disused railway tunnel into something that could benefit generations of future cyclists: The Queensbury Tunnel. This website has seen how disused railway infrastructure […]

Vias Verdes In Northern Spain

My departute from Salamanca is a little delayed as the bike is getting a check over at a local bike shop and they weren’t able to do the job until later this morning. The extra time has allowed me to do one thing that’s been playing on my […]