My Cycling Commute… Meets The GoPro Hero 4

OK, it’s not the greatest adventure, but my daily commute from Reading to Henley-on-Thames by bike (Reggie the bike no less) does give me the opportunity of testing out my newly acquired Go Pro Hero 4 (silver) camera. And it worked a treat! I videoed the entire half hour commute in both directions today but you’ll be relieved to know that I have edited the round trip down to just under two and a half ย minutes. GRH30_main1I’ll leave you to critique my film making skills but it terms of the quality of the camera, it is phenomenal. The videos were recorded in widescreen 1080 HD (I could have opted for 4K but it would have probably resulted in my computer melting down during the edit – the size of the files created today amounted to 24GB!) and the Go Pro was attached to the bike via a purpose designedย handlebar mount. The only issues I encountered while cycling wereย on the way to work. The camera occasionally fell forward (although this did inadvertently produce some interesting shots of the wheel) and due to the rain, the image was at times obscured by a large blob of water on the waterproof casing. The latter issue was only temporary and the former was solved by hanging the camera from the handlebar rather than positioning it above the bar (a simple solution pointed out by various people on Twitter combined with a setting that flips the screen 180 degrees) which I did on the way home. So, sit back and enjoy myย at times very damp cycle to work from the comfort of your living rooms. Lights, camera… action!

The set up for the cycle to work… and the ‘hanging’ set up for the return journey.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 20.34.21Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 20.34.08

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  1. Was that your brakes squealing when a car approached coming the other way? Mine do the same. How far is your commute? Do you park Reggie outside in Reading? I have a very cheap camera I bought years ago, recorded a couple of things, then managed to lose the software on my computer, can’t get it to work now! Really enjoyed seeing someone else’s commute, wet, like most of mine these days, though rain takes nothing away from the enjoyment for me. However, I’m dreading the possibility of snow and ice………ugh!!! Cheers.

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