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Like all insurance, I suppose it only mattersย if you make a claim but as you never know when that will be… OK, you know how insurance works. Only a few years ago insuring your bike was out of the ordinary to say the least and if you did, the high premiums made you wonder whether it was justย worth taking the hit if and when your loved one got stolen, broken or met its demise under a truck. However, when I cycled along the Mediterranean in 2013 I did take out insurance. It was the first time I had done so and involved a not inconsiderable amount of research. I eventually paid out a three figure premium for a specific time-limited insurance to cover myself for the two months it would take me to travel from Greece to Portugal. If only there was a company out there that made the whole cycling insurance thing simple… Then, a few weeks ago, I was emailed by a chap called David George from Bikmo Plus. Over to you Dave!

Bikmo Plus : Straight Talking Cycle Insurance from Bikmo on Vimeo.

Now I’ve got to be careful here. I’m not a financial advisor and please don’t choose your insurance based upon anything you might read here but I have to say, Bikmo Plus does seem to offer the kind of insurance that I’m looking for and I have signed up to be covered throughout next year, a year that will see me cycle once again (hopefully) across Europe. Bikmo Plus is one of the insurance options that have been reviewed on the London Cyclist website so the only advice I’ll pass on here is to have a read of that article.

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