Scotland: Thanks

At the risk of alienating potentially 45% of readers in Scotland, I am glad that the vote was to stay as part of the United Kingdom. Where else on our rocky island is there cycling like this… (all photos taken during my summer 2014 Scottish expedition)

IMG_9509 IMG_9240 IMG_9289 IMG_9123 IMG_9510 IMG_1477 IMG_1499 IMG_0385 IMG_9131 IMG_9107 IMG_9127 IMG_0332 IMG_9422

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  1. I know that bay in the 4th pic well. I camped there in 2008 when doing LETJOG. It was twilight on an August evening when I pitched my tent part way down to the beach. I went down to the beach for a bit and then couldn’t find my tent for about 90 minutes. It was midge hell. In the morning I discovered that in the gloom I’d pitched my tent just next to a stagnant pool. That was why it was midge hell. Can’t attach a photo of it unfortunately.

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