Changing Gears: Preparing For Spring Cycling

by guest blogger Tom Nelson

Even the most seasoned cyclist is happy to see the bad weather fade away towards the end of winter and see the beginnings of spring emerge. When the days start to get longer and the snow begins to melt away, itโ€™s time to begin getting prepared for spring cycling. Hereโ€™s what you should be doing โ€“ if you already arenโ€™t โ€“ to prepare yourself for the season.

Work-Out Prep

If youโ€™re serious about your cycling, itโ€™s likely that you already have a pre-spring work-out routine to help you maintain your shape for when the cycling season starts good and proper in spring. Naturally, you can continue to cycle throughout the winter, though you may need to adapt your usual routes to accommodate for the weather. Perhaps contrary to common sense, it is a good idea to cycle on main roads during the winter, as theyโ€™re more likely to be snow and ice-free due to gritting. Similarly, built-up areas will be safer, as the temperature will be slightly warmer than the average and there will be less snow as a result.ย  Alongside this, you should supplement your regular cycling with indoor biking, weightlifting, and jogging, to keep you in good cardiovascular shape.

Bike Maintenance and Tune-Up

With another year of cycling and plenty of exercise under your belt, your body is likely to have changed over the months. This means itโ€™s likely that your bike isnโ€™t designed as well for your body as it could be. Therefore, having your bike fit is essential. A well-trained mechanic will ensure the job is done correctly.

Following this, a thorough tuning is crucial if you want your bike to reach its optimum performance. With this in mind, strip down the frame; give it a deep clean and a wax.ย  Next, replace your bikeโ€™s cables โ€“ if need be โ€“ as they only last so long and have a finite lifespan. Finally, re-tape the handlebars, replace the glue in the patch kit and lubricate the frame, and youโ€™re all set and ready to go.

Preparing For the Climate Change

You might think that going from winter to spring requires very little actual preparation in terms of preparing for the weather, but the British spring time is very chaotic, with high winds, bright glaring sun and rain aplenty.ย  This means that a pair of cycling sunglasses or goggles is essential, along with a protective waterproof jacket like the ones available from Dare2B.

Ultimately, preparing for the springtime simply requires a change of gear and a little bit of preparation.


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