Me For Queen Presents… A Cycling-Inspired Concept Album

I’m increasingly getting contacted by people in the wider cycling world who would like me to help a little bit with publicity for their event, charity, cycle etc… and I am usually more than happy to oblige (see previous post as a good example). It costs me nothing and collectively if all the cycling bloggers out there are doing the same – and I know that many are – it really can make a difference. However, here is something new; a musical group who need funding for a cycling concept album. How cool is that! It’s Mary Erskine from the band Me For Queen who has been in touch and here is some of what she had to say;

Cycling photo Cosmo“I’m a freelance songwriter / musician living in London, and along with my band, I have written an album inspired by cycling, with a leaning towards the everyday/city cycling rather than hardcore racing…ย In order to record the album properly, we are looking to raise a small amount of money via a crowdfunding campaign which will run throughout March.ย The album is meant to be a celebration of cycling – there are ups and downs; an anthem to freedom and the wind in your hair; a White Bike tribute.. but also some more lighthearted moments, including a chance encounter at a traffic light.ย So we’re not taking ourselves TOO seriously, but at the same time I’m hoping that the crowdfunding campaign itself could be a newsworthy item that gets people talking about not only cycling awareness, but also the relationships between road users as it’s getting pretty edgy out there these days…”

I feel like Simon Cowell (without the high waistband trousers of course). As I’ve been reading up about Mary and her band I’ve been listening to the two tracks that are available online and they are very good indeed. Now I’m no John Peel so you can make your own mind up about them by listening to them on Sound Cloud. If you like what you hear and fancy getting involved you can visit the Me For Queen website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. As soon as they have the crowdfunding site set up ย I’ll make sure that I repost this website entry with the URL included. And if you are Simon Cowell…


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