Top Of The Other Eurovelo Pops

The ‘other Eurovelo’ section of the site has now been up and running for about a month. Here is the top 13 (not including Eurovelos 5 & 8 which have separate sections on the site and draw much more traffic) with the Atlantic coast route being the clear leader. It has had exactly twice as many visitors as the Pilgrims route at number 2;
1. Eurovelo 1
2. Eurovelo 3
3. Eurovelo 4
4. Eurovelo 6
5. Eurovelo 11
6. Eurovelo 2
7. Eurovelo 9
8. Eurovelo 12
9. Eurovelo 13
10. Eurovelo 7
11. Eurovelo 10
12. Eurovelo 15
13. Eurovelo 14 (the one that doesn’t exist!)

What do you think?

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