Eurovelo 4

Roscoff to Kiev
This is the only route to be known simply by its number. Again, it’s one that travels for much of its journey through France, across central Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland before arriving in the Ukrainian capital.
Is there a missing link? Please let me know!
Official Sites
Eurovelo in Ukraine (ECF)
Bike Radar (Prague to Brno)
CTC (Cycling to Prague)
CTC (Cycling routes)
Cycle Banter
You Tube – animated film of the route map
Vimeo – Linz, Vienna & Prague (along Eurovelos 4, 6 & 9)
Wikipedia – entry in German about the route
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Boulogne-sur-mer (France) to Jastrzemb (Poland)
Eurovelo 4 Eurovelo4 EuroVelo 4 Eurovélo 4 EuroVélo EuroVélo4 EV4 Four

4 responses to “Eurovelo 4

  1. Thanks a million for this post.
    Not much info out there on EuroVelo 4 and this is very helpful.
    Good man yourself!

    BTW I’m planning to cycle from Roscoff to Amsterdam this summer, so if I have any info that could be useful on the first bit of the route thereafter, I’ll send it on. Thanks again.


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  3. Hello Andrew, I found a map of EuroVelo 4 that you might add in this the mapping section of this page. Here is the link :


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