Eurovelo 9

The Amber Route: The Baltic Sea to The Adriatic Sea
The shortest of all the routes that cuts across Europe north to south from Poland to northern Croatia en route passing through the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.
Is there a missing link? Please let me know!
Official Sites
ECF – “The Amber Route”
Cycle Chat (Poland to Austria)
Bicycle Routes & Tours
Eurovelo 9 Eurovelo9 EuroVelo 9 Eurovélo 9 EuroVélo EuroVélo9 EV9 Nine

One response to “Eurovelo 9

  1. Hi Andrew,
    we made that tour last year. Some hints, impressions and all our gpx-tracks can be found on
    Our EV 8 experience ended some days ago in Athens. Great tour, and we are starting now the kindle issue of your tour. Tomorrow we continue to Thessaloniki, then to Skopje and Sofia, where our summer tour will come to its end.
    Best wishes
    Ute & Martin


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