1000th Post & The Book Is Finished!

It’s not every day you can say this, in fact I’ve never said it before in my life but I have written a book! It’s finished; 1 book, 302 pages, 998 paragraphs, 10,546 lines, 112,850 words and 498,698 characters. Goodness that took some counting! I started on the 13th April and have just finished today on the 2nd July. The first sentence is ‘It was beyond wet.’ the final one ‘I did and I donโ€™t regret a moment of it.’ What else would you like to know? That’s probably a bit too much already come to think of it. Clearly a bit of judicious checking, redrafting and editing is now required but I’ve done the hard bit, no?

It’s a spooky coincidence that I happen to be making this momentous announcement in the 1000th post on this blog. Not just that but if you are the next person to comment about anything here, you will be making the 1000th published comment. All that on the day that the Tour de France kicks off! Just a pity that the counter over there on the right reads 90,607 and not 100,000 but that only gives me another reason to celebrate in a couple of months’ time. Perhaps I should aim to have done the redrafts , corrections and edits by then…

And I’m still in search of a decent title for the thing. The Long Road To Pugliaย makes it sound like a self-help publication. Come on folks, ideas! And then there is the pseudonym…

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  1. Hi andy!
    I have followed your blog for a long time now it is wonderful! I can’t wait for the book to come out, all your friends , family , fellow teachers and pupils must be proud, have a drink on me

    P.s name 4 the book: one man and his bike
    Or. On the road to puglia , or the trail to puglia or the purist to pulgia and happines on two wheels or every turn of the wheel

    I will post more as and when I think of them

    • Thanks for the comments and the ideas for the name of the book. Purist to Puglia? I’m no purist… Keep them coming!

    • It was actually the 1001st, sorry. But thanks for posting many of the previous 1,000; they got you a mention in the book ๐Ÿ™‚
      Number 1,000 was posted unknowingly by Jim Rawnsley about his plans to cycle through Newbury en route home from Paris in August.
      Keep commenting!

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