This is scarily reminiscent of the gap in the wall in Dr. Who… But it is of course the rim of Reggie’s back wheel which after having sailed one sea, climbed three ranges of mountains, crossed a continent,ย been repaired in the backstreets of Airolo & Parma (& on various occasions in Caversham of course), spent a few hours in freezing temperatures at 30,000 feet and supported me well over the last twelve months of commuting from Reading to Henley-on-Thames and back… has finally cracked. Reggie’s back wheel, R.I.P.

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  1. Exactly the same thing happened to the back wheel on my Panorama. It had done about 5000 miles, including a fully loaded John O Graots to Lands End. I’ve replaced it with a Rigida Sputnik from Spa Cycles

  2. P.S
    Looks like I will be camping around Newbury ish on night 3 out of Paris. 24th August happen with a fair wind and a bit of luck. On way to Worcestershire/Malvern for the 25th

      • would be good! if you fancy testing your camping gear out join the leg before or after! Company would be welcome.

  3. Harry Rowland! another one of the high rollers in the wheelbuilding hall of fame! The best upgrade to any bike is the wheels. I hope your LBS treats you well! If they understand what you want them for I am sure (unless you go to halfords) you will get something half decent. If you can splash the cash hand builts are the way to go for touring IMHO.

  4. I’m with Jim. Get handbuilt wheels. I’ve got two sets from this chap and they are both excellent. Tell him what you need them for and he’ll tell you what you need. He’ll not rip you off, he’d rather sell you more suited wheels than spend your full budget.

    • Thing is… I know bugger all about bikes. I take on board your advice boys but all I do is deliver Reggie back to the shop who then patch him up. The upside is that you both get favourable mentions for your technical skills in the book (which is due to be finished this weekend!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. BTW. they don’t seem to advertise the hand builts on the site, you have to use the telephone!

  6. I know I have posted on the subject of wheels before… But , as always the best wheel builders deserve their reputation! A freind of mine this year was breaking spokes every time he went out with me. We did the research and, as always Paul Hewitts name appeared top of the list. He didn’t go for those but instead went for the cheaper, but same spec ones from byercycles. When they came they were a work of art. with brass nipple seats on the rear to even stresses and the right spokes in the right places all trued to perfection. Needless to say he has had no trouble at all with them even though he is a rather weighty gent!

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