On The Shelf

Not me. Not yet. I was just in Waterstones and located where my yet unnamed book could be slotted in the travel section. It would be in good company, just to the left of Paul Theroux’s ‘The Pillars Of Hercules’ (which I have on my bedside table poised for re-reading as it describes his journey around the Mediterranean, a trip that takes in the route of the Eurovelo 8 of course) and to the right of Rosie Swale-Pope’s book ‘Just A Little Run Around The World’ (which does what it says on the tin and which I also have at home waiting to be read; John, a friend in Yorkshire sent it to me last summer before I set off to Italy as he thought it was an inspiring read). Aatish Tazeer’s ‘Stranger To History’ is currently sandwiched between the two… Watch that space!

What do you think?