A Writer’s Life

I wrote about 4,000 words this afternoon. Once I started I couldn’t really stop. It’s great having a story to tell. I can’t imagine how I would ever write fiction. But writing non-fiction is easy. Must try and join my sentences together however. And add a few opinions. That would help me get to level 5 of the National Curriculum. I digress…

I received a book-related email this afternoon, the first one! I thought perhaps it might be a publisher offering to pay me a huge advance, but alas no. It was ‘merely’ a nice enquiry as to whether my book would be ready before the end of May as the chap emailing has plans to cycle Calais to Rome around that time. I had to break the bad news about my deadline being the end of August but it does make me wonder how many sales I am missing. All those people who plan to cycle the Eurovelo 5 this summer without my book to help them. One wonders if they will survive the experience…

So far I have two confirmed sales plus another sale if I publish before the end of May (unlikely). I also have an offer to proofread the original English text and from someone to translate it into Italian and proofread that version. All this after just one week. I wonder where I will be by the end of August… Move over Mr Bryson, competition is on the horizon! (He is already worried; here he is resorting to giving away free copies of one of his books. Poor bloke.)

What do you think?

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