The Long Road To Puglia (?)

I’m at risk of getting a little bit ahead of myself here. Not only have I located my place on the bookshelf at Waterstones, but I have now attempted to design the cover of the book itself! I’ve only written half of the thing so far (and most of that is taken up with blog posts that need editing, re-writing and, let’s face it, deleting). However, putting the trifling matter of actually finishing the book to one side, I need some feedback. What do you think of the new title? The Long Road To Puglia,ย Cycling from Berkshire to Brindisi along the Eurovelo 5.ย A touch moreย prosaic than previous ideas (The Rain Stopped At Eboli, The Good, The Bad & The Puglia, Puglia For Pandas…)ย but it does what it says on the tin. And how about the cover? I suppose I could use one for the hardback version and then one for the paperback… (shut up Andrew!).

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  1. Good point. The Bike in the photo, with all it’s bits hanging off, leaning to one side and the long shadow looks like it’s had a hard trip and has a tail to tell, this attracts me to read as a cyclist.

  2. The second one with the bike in caught my eye.
    Tells you exactly what to expect of the book without knowing you cycled it.

    • Yes, you are right, but is it a good thing that you should know too much about the book from its cover? Many eyes would skip over a book with a bike on the front simply because they have never read such a book beforeโ€ฆ A book with just a road on it would perhaps also attract the interest of anyone interested in reading about a journeyโ€ฆ Until they read the subtitle of course!

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