Eurovelo 5, The Book

I Tweeted this morning that “I need to write that book about cycling from Reading to Brindisi last summer”. The thought may have been forgotten, as most thoughts on Twitter are, had @No_More_Beer responded within the hour Tweeting “Yes you do! Worth a read”. So I have started and here, exclusively, are the first four pages. No point in making the picture bigger, I have purposefully made the text too small and you won’t be able to read it which means that you will have to buy a copy. I’m not that daft. A random sample of a few books on my bookshelf tells me that the average page contains between 300 and 350 words (unless you are Charles Dickensย who managed to squeeze in many, many more but he didn’t have diversions such as Twitter to keep him away from the typewriter. Or the nib and paper.) And Google tells me that the average book contains between 75 and 125 thousand words. My four pages already contain 1,321 so I should be able to knock the whole thing out by the end of the summer holidays. Just in time for the Christmas rush. I mustn’t forget thatย I wroteย 30,000 en route last summer (imagine, all those words typed out via my iPhone, with one finger) so I’m a third of the way there already. Reserve your copy now. Any suggestions for a title?

What do you think?