Eurovelo 5, The Book: Update

My book is now standing at just under 10,000 words and has 39 pages. OK, I admit it, I’m cheating just a little bit as most of those words are not new but text copied from the posts I made along the way. To begin with I didn’t include the pictures. When blogging last summer, the easiest way to get a post to the blog was to take a picture and send the text with the photo so most posts have a picture. But many references were made to the pictures so I went back and put them all back in. And it’s not even 9am. I’ve so far got to cycling day 9 which is when I arrived in the Vosges and met Michael, Jeanete and the Crazy White Elephant (their camper van) so still another 21 cycling days to go. I might get the thing up to 100 pages by the end of the day! Then I need to start filling in all the gaps between posts with whimsical, reflective prose…

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