“Is Dangerous Cycling A Problem?”

From the BBC website;

MPs could introduce a new offence of causing death by dangerous cycling. But how much of a danger do these two-wheeled travellers really pose? There is little that divides UK public opinion more sharply than cyclists.To their supporters, Britain’s bike-riders are clean, green,ย commuters-with-a-conscience, who relieve congestion on the nation’s roads while keeping themselves fit.But to certain newspapers, and indeed plenty of motorists, they are “lycra louts”, jumping red lights, hurtling past pedestrians on pavements and denying the Highway Code applies to them. Now this debate – regularly articulated, with the aid of Anglo-Saxon dialect, during rush-hour traffic – has found a forum in the House of Commons, where MP Andrea Leadsom has introduced a private members’ bill to create new crimes of causing death or serious injury through dangerous or reckless cycling.


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