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Half Of UK Cyclists Injured by Potholes: A Tale Of Two Countries

Welcome to British Summer Time (or, indeed, Yorkshire Summer Time…) I never tire of watching this video: I made it as I cycled along this main road in the Dutch town of Vaals: I was close to the German border at the time, just a few kilometres from […]

Cycling In France (Review)

I did promise to write one of the reviews after each country (here’s the one about Spain) but I am only now sitting down to write the review about cycling in France. As before, it may make more sense if you go back and read the post I […]

Cycling Day 43: Aachen To Cologne

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Yesterday I made clear my (self-inflicted) frustration at not being back on a campsite but couped up in a small hotel room in Aachen. As I sit here by the banks of the Rhine at tonight’s campsite just […]

Cycling Day 14: Palencia To Burgos

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. If an antidote had been required for yesterday’s humdrum, wet, cold, uninspiring, boring, gloomy [OK we get the idea; please move on…] cycle to Palencia from Benavente (if you dare, read cycling day 13), then the last 24 […]

The BBC Radio Interview: What You Didn’t Hear

Being interviewed in almost all situations (I’m excluding being interviewed by the police here which I imagine is not a particularly pleasant experience) does, despite the often stressful nature of such encounters (job interview, other people listening…) have one very nice aspect. In life we don’t often have the […]