Cycling Shoes: Oxford

No word from Decathlon about the shoes – see post below – so my search takes me to the dreaming spires of Oxford and its bike shops. It’s a short and inexpensive train journey from Reading and, with the sky a deep blue and the run shining, a nice day out. Cowley Road seems the place to head for – three bike shops all in a row. The countryside between Reading and Oxford is beautiful and the trees have the faintest tinge of green. I should be cycling not stuck on a train, but then again I need the cycling shoes to make the most of what Reggie Ridgeback can offer!

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I am getting the shoes brought over from our Lakeside store to Surrey Quays for you tonight.
    They can then be picked up or bought online.
    Give me a shout on 02073942047 if you ahve any questions.

    Decathlon UK

    • Hi James
      Thanks for the comment and information – you have a special mention in my most recent post! I’ve just checked on your website and the shoes are still showing as unavailable from Surrey Quays but I’ll wait until tomorrow as you say they will only arrive tonight and then place the order. When I was in the store on Monday, Andreas (I think, or perhaps Andree?), the chap who I spoke to (who was excellent btw; very helpful and knowledgeable – I’ll nominate him for employee of the month if I can!!), did say that I would be able to purchase the shoe for ยฃ39.95 rather than the ยฃ59.99 as stated on the website as the one I saw at Surrey Quays (which was too large) was at that price. Will this be reflected on the website tomorrow?
      Very impressed, as I say in the blog post that you have your ear to the ground and listen to us bloggers! I’ll give you a call tomorrow if I have any problems ordering online.

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