Mark Beaumont: the man who is about to lecture Britain

I mentioned in a post earlier today that, quite a few months ago, Mark Beaumont had been in touch and he had passed on some advice about tents. I remember telling him at the time that I had just finished reading his book about cycling around the world and had found it a cracking read. He told me to look out for his lecture tour in early 2010. Well, here is the poster and the details are here. He comes to Camberley on the 9th May and then toย High Wycombe on the 18th May. Both are equally far from Reading. Note to his publicist should he ever read this: surely there are more takers for Mark’s words of wisdom in Reading or Oxford, no? Mark, by the way, is approaching the end of his north to south ride of the Americas as I type. Catch up with him via his various means of communications at the BBC website. I’ll try and see him in Camberley I think…

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  1. Hi Andrew – many thanks for mentioning Mark’s tour dates. We always have to go where the theatres have dates free that fit with the tour schedule – I’m afraid both Oxford and Reading were among those without an available date, or unable to confirm in time.

    Good luck with your cycle trip, and I hope you manage to make it to Camberley.

    • Thanks for that Rebecca โ€“ and apologies for the assumption that you would be male (I refer to โ€œheโ€ in my post!!!). I look forward to seeing Mark in Camberley.

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