Atheism and pilgrimage

I first mentioned Silvia Nilsen (“Sil” to her friends!) in a post way back in April last year. She is a keen blogger and walker and she runs a whole host of mainly pilgrimage walking blogs including this one about her experiences of walking the Via Francigena (see the full list on her Blogger profile). She has returned and posted some re-assuring thoughts on my lack of belief (see post below):

I am an atheist peregrino too!
But, we are not new or special on the pilgrimage trails.
The church has always welcomed all – as is evidenced by the 12th c Latin hymn, the La Pretiosa used as a part of the blessing on the camino at Roncesvalles:

Its doors are open to the sick and well
to Catholics as well as to pagans,
Jews, Heretics, beggars and the indigent,
and it embraces all like brothers.

Thanks for that Sil!

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