1,000 All-Time Top Tips for Cyclists

They forgot top tip number 1,001: think twice before buying this book, especially if you live in the UK or any country that drives on the left. I assume that the book was first published in America. No problem with this you may think until you read a top tip like the following one (number 8 in the “Safety in Traffic” section): Beware of [drivers]… passing a cyclist and then immediately turning right across his or her path. Spot the problem? Confusingly, the publishers have gone to the time and effort of changing the diagrams to reflect that this edition of the book is being published in the UK, but not the text; the diagram that accompanies the top tip just mentioned (albeit on the next page) shows people driving and cycling on the left. The book also takes a holier than thou attitude to its top tips. Number 16 in the traffic safety section: “Resist making an obscene gesture or shouting profanity on the rare (!!!!!) occasion that a motorist intentionally harasses you. You may think that you’re doling out punishment, but psychologists say otherwise. It actually tells the hostile driver that he or she has succeeded, and this encourages more of the same behaviour.” No it doesn’t. Perhaps as I read more top tips I will be convinced that my ยฃ6.99 has been well spent. The comical value of the following sentence at the front of the book is worth a couple of quid on its own: “Portions of this book were originally published as Bicycling Magazine’s 900 All-Time Best Tips by Rodale Inc.” I’d like to think that number 16 above didn’t make it into the original 900.

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