The Long Distance Cyclists’ Handbook, The Archers and Tents

The handbook is ordered. Cleared up the confusion over the publication dates at Waterstones this afternoon. It looks as though the 2004 edition is the most recently updated. The 2007 version was simply a reprint. It should be here on Wednesday of next week.
In the meantime, I am just catching up on 9 days worth of Archers episodes courtesy of the BBC i-player via the Play Station 3. Technology has come a long way since listening on a dodgy long wave frequency in the middle of France. The Grundy’s are still grumbling and the Archers still feuding (well, Brian and Tom).
Other development: popped into Blacks outdoor shop – I was passing so not really a planned trip – and looked at lightweight tents. For around ยฃ150 you can buy and 1-2 person tent that wouldn’t be much of a burden to carry on bike. Blacks is full of aspirational gear. I’d love to know the percentage of things purchased in the shop that ever get anywhere near the wilderness…
Oh dear, Lillian Bellamy has been harassed by a man on a noisy motorbike. Matt Crawford has much to answer for!

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