Spinning: The report

As I twittered, I did my spinning class last night. It was good fun. And hard work. And as predicted, the instructor, a nice chap in his 50s, did camp the whole thing up to and extraordinary degree. At one point (while pedalling madly to a western style song), he had us swinging our hands above our head as if about to lasoo a horse on the plains of Arizona… But apart from the cringe-worthy moments, as I said, it was good fun. The instructor had me out as the fat begineer of course and kept looking at me with a puzzled frown as I sweated profusly over the equipment. When it came to us “leading” the cycling pack – there were 8 of us in a semi-cirlce around the instructor – my 1000m metres of leading was far shorter than the rest of the group. The Lone Ranger in charge moved on quickly as he must have thought I was flagging.
That said, good fun and perfect training for the cycle to Puglia. I’ll be back next week for another spinning session. Perhaps I should take a Stetson with me. And a bottle of water: Palmer Park seems to be the only Sports Centre in the World where you cannot purchase a bottle of water. Strewth. Literally!

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