Cycling Day 44: Peñascosa To Ubeda

Cycling Day 44 is easy to describe. I set off from Camping Peñascosa, I had breakfast from a bakery on the main street of nearby Alcaraz, I cycled about 125km from Alcaraz to Ubeda along the N322 pausing from time to time at petrol stations for snacks and drinks and for a tortilla boccadillo from a café in Arroyo del Ojanco and arrived in the beautiful town of Ubeda at around 6pm where I checked into a very quiet boutique hotel called the Neuve Leyendas (the ‘Nine Legends’), wandered around the town and had a couple of beers before finding somewhere to eat (I haven’t actually done that last bit yet but I will when I’ve finished writing this). I could complain about the wind which was pushing me back to Peñascosa all day long but I won’t. I could mention the hilly terrain that had me cycling what felt like just as much up as down (but it was actually more down than up when I look at the official statistics). I could talk about the almost ever-constant Andalusian scenery from the beginning of the day to the end but you can see some of that in the pictures below. I’ve had easier days since cycling day 1 but few that have been more straight forward so I’ll leave it at that and go off to ponder how to fill an entire chapter of my book about an enjoyable day when not much happened… If I can’t I’ll just make the whole thing up. That’s what Bill Bryson does. Allegedly…









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