The Eurovelo 8: List Of Blog Links

Having just spent several hours doing this, I’m also going to elevate what is otherwise hidden away in the Eurovelo 8 section of the site to its own blog post. Here are the links to the original blog posts made during the trip along the Eurovelo 8 (or my version of it). By clicking on the name of the country in which I was cycling you will be taken to a list of posts tagged with that country.

Here We Go Again: Cycling the Eurovelo 8
GREECE (8 cycling days, 2 rest days)
Cycling Day Zero: Athens, Greece
The 10 Point Plan for Cycling (Hopefully) Day 1
Video: Parting Thoughts at the Temple of Poseidon
Cycling Day 1: The Temple of Poseidon to Athens
A Green Evening In Athens
Rest Day 1: The Acropolis & The Parthenon
The Plan for Cycling Day 2
Cycling Day 2: Athens to Corinth
Evening on the Edge of the Peloponnese
The Peloponnese: A Stunning Start to Cycling Day 3
Cycling Day 3: Corinth to Levidi
Video: Thoughts from the Top of the Peloponnese
Route Profile: Corinth to Olympia Via Levidi
Cycling Day 4: Levidi to Olympia
Olympia: The Original Olympic Stadium
Rest Day 2: Olympia, Greece
Cycling Day 5: Olympia to Nafpaktos
Early Morning in Nafpaktos
Cycling Day 6: Nafpaktos to Mitikas
Camping Ionian, Mitikas: Not My Kind of Campsite
Cycling Day 7: Mitikas to Kanali
Video: Albanian Thoughts… & Shadow Cycling In Greece
Cycling Day 8: Kanali to Ioannina
An Evening in Ioannina
Camping Limnopoula, Ioannina: The Kind of Campsite I Love!
ALBANIA (5 cycling days, 1 rest day)
Cycling Day 9: Ioannina to Saranda
The Panoramic View from the Bar-Restaurant ‘Nivica’, Albania
Cycling Day 10: Saranda to the Llogoroja Pass
Heading North from the Llogoraja Pass
Thoughts on Albania
An Englishman Walks Into An Albanian Bar…
Tirana, Albania: First Impressions
Cycling Day 11: The Llogoroja Pass to Durres
Views Over Tirana, Albania
Cycling Day 12: Durres to Tirana
Religious Harmony in Tirana, Albania
Rest Day 3: The People and Colours of Tirana
Planning from Tirana to Dubrovnik
Cycling Day 13: Tirana to Ulcinj
MONTENEGRO (1 cycling day)
The End of Albania…The Start of Montenegro
Cycling Day 14: Ulcinj to Tivat
CROATIA (& BOSNIA & SLOVENIA) (6 cycling days, 2 rest days)
Cycling Day 15: Preview
Cycling Day 15: Tivat to Dubrovnik
Rest Day 4: Dubrovnike Preview
A Message for my Tutor Group
Rest Day 4: The Sights & Sounds of Dubrovnik
The Dubrovnik Festival 2013: Romeo & Juliet
Cycling Day 16: Dubrovnik to Podaca
Video: Sunday Morning Thought for the Day
Cycling Day 17: Podaca to Stobrec (Near Split)
Cycling Day 18: Stobrec (Near Split) to Skradin
Cycling Day 19: Skradin to Pag
The End of Croatia is Nigh
Cycling Day 20: Pag to Novi Vinodolski
Rest Day 5: Novi Vinodolski
Cycling from the Unfamiliar to the Familiar
ITALY (8 cycling days, 1 rest day)
Cycling Day 21: Novi Vinodolski to Trieste
Trieste, Italy
Cycling Day 22: Trieste to Caorle
Cycling Day 23: Caorle to Venice
Rest Day 6: A Damp Day in Venice
Cycling Across Italy: The Plan
Cycling Day 24: Venice to Verona
A Morning in Fair Verona
Cycling Day 25: Verona to Cornovecchio (Near Cremona)
Video: 2013 Meets 2010 in Piacenza
Cycling Day 26: Cornovecchio (Near Cremona) to Pragate (Near Voghera)
Cycling Day 27: Pragate (Near Voghera) to Cheraasco
Cycling Day 28: Cherasco to Limone-Piemonte
Limone-Piemonte: Next Stop France
Video: The Tende Pass
FRANCE (8 cycling days, 2 rest days)
Cycling Day 29: Limone-Piemonte to Nice
Rest Day 7: Nice, Cote d’Azur, France
Video: Nice to Mont Ventoux
Cycling Day 30: Nice to Castellane
Cycling Day 31: Castellane to Greoux-les-Bains
Provence in Photos
Cycling Day 32: Greous-les-Bains to Villes-sur-Auzon
Rest Day 8: Mont Ventoux
Cycing Day 33: Villes-sur-Auzon to Nimes
An Evening in Beziers
Cycling Day 34: Nimes to Beziers
Cycling Day 35: Beziers to ‘The Pilgrims’ Nest’ (Near Villardebelle)
Cycling Day 36: ‘The Pilgrims’ Nest’ (Near Villardebelle) to Perpignan
La Cote Rouge, France
SPAIN (12 cycling days, 1 rest day)
Video: Barcelona Update
Cycling Day 37: Perpignan to L’Estartit
Cycling Day 38: L’Estartit to Barcelona
Cycling Day 39: Barcelona to Tarragona
Cycling Day 40: Tarragone to Valencia
Rest Day 9: Valencia, Old & New
The Last Leg: Valencia to Cape St. Vincent (Portugal)
Cycling Day 41: Valencia to Cofrentes
Video: Cycling the Plain in Spain (No Sign of Rain…)
Cycling Day 42: Cofrentes to Albacete (Twice)
5,000.1 Kilometres
Cycling Day 43: Albacete to Penascosa
Cycling Day 44: Penascosa to Ubeda
Ubeda: A Private Guided Tour
Cycling Day 45: Ubeda to Jaen
Cycling Day 46: Jaen to Lucena
Cycling Day 47: Lucena to Seville
Monday Morning in Seville
Cycling Day 48: Seville to El Portil (Near Huelva)
PORTUGAL (2 cycling days)
An Evening in Faro
Cycling Day 49: El Portil (Near Huelva) to Faro
Cycling Day 50: 10.30am
Cycling Day 50: 1pm
Cycling Day 50: 2.20pm
Cycling Day 50: 5.10pm
Cycling Day 50: 5.50pm Cape St. Vincent & The End of the Journey
Video: End of Journey Thoughts from Cape St. Vincent
Heading Home…
Greece to Portugal: Summary Statistics
Cape St. Vincent, Sunset, Wednesday 28th August 2013 

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