Eurovelo 13 / The Iron Curtain Trail

Not sure if you have ever explored the further reaches of this website. If you haven’t you may not have visited the section called ‘Eurovelos 1-15‘. It’s over there on the right sandwiched between ‘Eurovelo 8‘ and ‘Pennine Cycle‘. Found it? Good. I have to say that I don’t go there very often myself but I hope that it is of some use to people who are interested in a few links related to the different Eurovelo routes; blogs, books, maps… That kind of thing. What I really need is for a cyclist who knows one of the routes well to email me a summary of their own research with suitable links etc… so that I can update the listings. What’s that? An email from Justin Sher who is trying to find out about the Eurovelo 13 ‘Iron Curtain Trail’? And it’s full of useful links? Wonderful! What perfect timing…

Justin writes;

“I have been hunting around the web for information on the Eurovelo 13: Iron Curtain Trail and came across your website listing info on the Eurovelos. 

By the way, I frequent your site anyway and have read your book (looking forward to the new one!). Info on this route is hard to come by and I noticed you didn’t have much info either. However, I have found some information I thought you may want to update your site with:


Official Sites
Wikipedia: (this is in German, so need to Google Translate it)
Detailed Brochure by Michael Cramer: English / German
Overview Map: English / German
The excellent Esterbauer Verlag publisher has BikeLine books in both English and Germany.
Iron Curtain Trail 1
Part 1: Along the “Green Belt” from the Barents Sea to the German-Polish Border
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-277-6
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-267-7
Iron Curtain Trail 2
Part 2: Along the “Green Belt” from Usedom via the German-German Border Trail to the Czech Border
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-278-3
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-276-9
Iron Curtain Trail 3
Part 3: Along the Green Belt from the German-Czech Border to the Black Sea
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-278-3
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-274-5
Berlin Wall Trail
A route for cyclists, hikers and skaters along the path of the former Berlin Wall.
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-458-9
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-074-1

That’s brilliant Justin. Many thanks. I’ll certainly be including the information in the Eurovelo 13 section.

Anyone got a similar list for Eurovelos 1, 2, 3… ??

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  1. Jake! Did you do the trail last year? I am considering setting off next month (Sept 2015) and hoping to do as much of the trail as I can before running out of cash and leave at the end of the year. I’d love to hear about your experiences and any other resources you found/used to prepare and execute your trip.

    p.s. did Justin Sher also cycle any/all of the trail?

    • Katy. Did you do Kirkenes to Helsinki in September 2015? I’d love to hear of your experience if you did. Was the weather ok at that time of the year?We will be camping and don’t mind it too cold but wouldn’t want it freezing!
      I’d be most grateful to hear from you. Susan

  2. Thinking about cycling some of the Iron Curtain Trail this Autumn, can anyone offer any of their experiences?


    • Jake,

      I am going to the Baltics in ~10 days for ca. 2 weeks and am in the middle of planning my route, likely starting from Estonia down to Parnu or Riga. Feel free to reach out to me to exchange links, gpx tracks, experience, etc. before I have left or on my return!


    • Jake, did you cycle any of the trail last year? I am keen to set off next month and trying to plan my trip now, I’d love to pick your brains! Katy

    • Jake. Did you do the Kirkenes to Helsinki portion of the Iron Curtain Trail in the autumn? I’m keen to go this September but am a bit concerned of low temps and short daylight hours. How did you find it? Thanks in advance for your comments. Susan

  3. I cycled from the English Channel to Istanbul this year, much of my route following Eurovelo 6 which runs from Nantes on France’s Atlantic coast to Constanta on Romania’s Black Sea coast. There is a section where Eurovelo 6 and Eurovelo 13 more or less coincide along part of the Danube depending which side of the river you are on. I spent half of this E6/E13 section on the Serbian side and half on the Romanian side. Serbia and Romania were remarkably hospitable places and the ride through the Iron Gates gorge, which I did on the Serbian side, was extremely beautiful. From a practical point of view the roads were in good condition (better than most UK roads!) and the traffic was light and very courteous compared with British drivers. I would recommend anyone to take the bit between their teeth and go as it’s a lot easier than you might expect and culturally it’s a fascinating experience. I would love to do E13 but I don’t have time now and the expense of Finland is rather offputting.

    • Hi John
      Just re-read your earlier comment regarding British driving standards. I’m no apologist for British drivers (and have regular altercations with them) but I think you need to be careful comparing like with like. The majority of my cycling in the UK is on a urban (then countryside) commute. My cycling on the continent is in (predominantly) tourist areas. I wouldn’t want to make direct comparisons between the two experiences as the context if the cycling is so different…

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