Citroën: Mont Ventoux 1969 (And 2013…)

A short but rather beautiful animation from Citroën commemorating the Tour de France ‘broom wagon’ on Mont Ventoux.

From the Citroën website:

“The setting for this animation is the World’s most celebrated bike race at Mont Ventoux 1969 and features the H Van. 

As a rider tackles one of the steepest climbs, he notices a fellow competitor making light work of the ascent; before it becomes clear, his rival has been picked up by the H Van and is enjoying a most comfortable ride!

The Broom Wagon is a vehicle that follows a cycling road race “sweeping” up stragglers who are unable to make it to the finish within the time permitted. Citroën H Van was used in the Tour de France and its commonplace to see a broom fixed to the vehicle exterior.

MODEL FEATURED: Citroën Type H. Pioneering when launched and is still used across the world today, from London to Paris and New York. 

DID YOU KNOW: H Van was the first mass-produced front wheel drive van, hugely popular; it was in production for over three decades!”

Citroën website

I have to say that when I cycled the Provençal mountain back in 2013, no such assistance was required… Read the story here:

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