Cycling Day 9: Berwick-Upon-Tweed (England) To Dunbar (Scotland)

Today was a day of epic vistas and as a picture says a thousand words, Iโ€™ll keep it short tonight.

I was up ridiculously early. Perhaps it was the excitement of the prospect of packing away a dry tent. I celebrated by a cycling wander around Berwick, ending up at the very end of the harbour where, for a few moments (until I got bored of looking), I joined the dolphin watchers:

The plan was to follow route 76 up the coast. Somewhat perturbed by the fact that route 76 didnโ€™t follow the coast for the first part of the journey to Dunbar, I decided to take the main coastal road instead. Alas the main road turned out to be the A1. Not a good move. Plan B was implemented and, via this beautiful view across the Scottish Borders…

…this castle in Ayton…

…and a visit to Eyemouth with its stunning beach (but โ€˜disappointingโ€™ town centre)…

…I was soon back on route 76. Until St Abbโ€™s Head came calling. I really wasnโ€™t expecting to spend an hour bird watching today but thatโ€™s what happened after the detour along the peninsula to the isolated lighthouse:

Again I had to seek out the 76 and, once found, this time I stuck to it all the way to historic Dunbar via long straight roads, wonderfully long descents, wind farms, a nuclear power station and a cathedralesque cement factory. Today was nothing if not eclectic. And epic. An epic eclectic day.

No camping tonight; Iโ€™m staying with cycling contact Suzanne and burgers have been promised. Tomorrow, finally, Edinburgh…

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Love the updates on twitter. Today’s entry prompted happy memories. I did much the same a couple of summers ago for my The Great North Road book which might or might not get published – London to Edinburgh by bike across 11 days. This was undoubtedly my favourite stretch. Skip to page 6 to start at Berwick.

    Happy cycling…

    Steve Silk
    twitter: @greatnorthroad2

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