Cycling Day 2: Bolton Abbey To Hardraw (Near Hawes)

Iโ€™m now deep in the Yorkshire Dales…

The day kicked off pretty wet and, although not persistent, the rain came and went throughout the day. Nothing too heavy but sufficient to make the day a wet one. Clouds clung to the hills (as you can see in the pictures below) but we still managed to take in some spectacular views and memorable cycling. I say โ€˜weโ€™, as fellow touring cyclist and writer Rob Ainsley joined me yesterday evening and we spent the today together.

Wharfedale seems to deliver much of what the Dales have to offer; pretty towns and villages – Burnsall, Grassington, Kettlewell, Buckden – a fast-flowing river and landscape that keeps stopping You in your tyre tracks over and over again.

I did have tentative plans to cycle north following the Dales Cycleway but Rob suggested a more direct route to Hawes that took us over Fleet Moss. So at Buckden we branched away from the main road and started the long, slow, challenging climb made more so by a moderate wind from the west. The traffic was so light as to never be a bother – the tourists still appear to be keeping well away – and, despite the clouds, we even managed a view from the top. Well worth the effort.

The descent had us arrive in Hawes by mid-afternoon. Tents pitched in nearby Hardraw, we returned to Hawes for a beer and burger and Rob recorded a few comments for the upcoming podcast. More of that soon…

Tomorrow Iโ€™m back on my own heading west to the Lakes District and Ambleside for a three-night stay.

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  1. Very enjoyable couple of days – thanks for your company! And, er, yes, that mat isn’t quite totally silent. I wondered if you were rubbing balloons and sticking them on the inside of your tent… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yes, thoroughly enjoyable. And a very good chat in the pub for the podcast. Might try and include the noise of the mat as an incidental sounds…

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