Cycling Day 1: Stainland To Bolton Abbey

Let the cycle touring commence!

But my goodness, it’s a bit chilly up here in the Yorkshire Dales this evening. At least it’s dry and has stayed dry pretty much all day. A few spots of rain as I made my way across Oxenhope Moor but apart from that, all is good. On the brief occasions that the sun does appear from behind the clouds it warms up remarkably quickly. I’m sceptical, however, that it will reappear again today.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for a weather report. The cycling? So far, so good. It’s been a familiar route for this first day of the cycle to Edinburgh; along the Calder Valley to Hebden Bridge, coffee, over the aforementioned moor to Oxenhope and then Keighley. Onwards to Skipton – pause in the grounds of the church – and then along the valley to the excellent Catgill Campsite. The highlight of the day must have be the climb over Oxenhope Moor. The road was closed to traffic (but I was allowed through) leaving the isolated road with its views of the bleak moors to me and a few cows. Someone – perhaps one of three sisters? – should write a book about a place like this. Very dramatic landscape.

I skirted around Haworth by the way; the steep descent and equally steep ascent to the other side of the valley where the cobbled street climbs to the parsonage wasn’t sufficiently tempting when I still had a good 30km to cycle.

The back roads – nod to Craig Dodson for having shown me the route last year – from Skipton to Bolton Abbey we’re increasingly ‘Dales’ and the view from the campsite certainly is just that.

I’m currently waiting for cycling-acquaintance Rob Ainsley to arrive to join me. He’s also cycling with me for at least part of the day tomorrow. I hope it’s a bit warmer in Hawes…

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  1. Have a love/hate relationship with your ride blog. Love reading it and hate not being there doing it!

  2. Looking for a new tent for cycling tours. Three man, and one that’s sturdy, reasonably priced and wraps up short enough to fit decently on the rack. Asking too much? Yours looks good in the picture.

  3. Brings back memories for me, first 18 years of my life spent in Haworth, so I’ve cycled a lot of those roads. Typical Yorkshire summer I see !

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