2020: New Decade, New Continent, New Adventure…

Europe is my home and, for the past ten years, has been my playground on a Bike Called Reggie (and more recently Wanda). However this planet is large one and, however much my heart is in exploring every nook and cranny of my own continent, I am keen to see a few other places a little further afield. I’ve only ever once ventured outside of Europe – to Egypt when I was a student – but 2020 will see me cycle… Well, if you don’t know already, take a look at this:

I have six months during which to prepare… More details about the end-to-end cycle can be found on the ‘Japan 2020’ pages.

Should Japan not take your fancy, then perhaps once of these might. They arrived in a timely get-yourself-motivated-and-fit email from Transbike Adventures. If you start training today (or probably tomorrow bearing in mind the date), you might have a good chance of being successful… Happy New Year!

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