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Dear Andew

My name is Attila Bartha, I’m 29 years old, and in spring 2020 I would like to go to around the world with my bicycle. Right now I’m in the preparation section. I got all my camping, clothing, survivor stuff, I manage the visas, the vaccination, etc. Theย (almost) only missing piece is the bicycle. I would like to build one ultimate touring bike which [is] suited for my needs, that’s where you came into the picture. I’m planning to buy a Koga World Traveller too, (next week I will fly to the Netherlands) but right now I don’t have [much] feedback, except from Alee Denham… So I see that you have the same bike, same bars, Rohloff, Gates, etc… I just want to hear a [second] honest… opinion too.ย So do you know any honest flaw with the design, quality about the bike? How do you feel the bike? Is it worth every penny and this is truly the dream of dreams?Thank you so much for your answer, your feedback will be gold for me.

All the best

Attila Bartha from Hungary

Hi Attila

Thanks for the email and many apologies for the delayed response… I’ve been away in Spain and Portugal cycling. By this point you have probably already visited Koga in the Netherlands so I’ll keep this brief. I love the bike! It wasn’t cheap but I think it’s an excellent piece of engineering and the Rohloff / Gates belt drive is sublime. I can only compare it to cycling a Rolls Royce (although have never driven one). On my trip to Spain and Portugal it functioned perfectly. No problems whatsoever. I would whole heatedly recommend the bicycle and I only wish I had the opportunity of cycling around the world as you will soon be doing.

Best wishes


Dear  Andrew

So many things have happened since my last letter, so now I would answer in a very short way.

This picture says it all :

Attila and his Koga World Traveller

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  1. Sorry guys, my comment somehow evaporated from here, so here I go again:

    First of all, thank you Dndrew for the correction in the letter , now everything good.

    The departure time will be this spring, early April, if everything will be fine.

    Once the website, youtube channel, is ready you will be the first to know about it.

    I’m planning to do an epic 4k roadtrip vlog, with drone shots, nice camera work, etc, so the visual coverage will be a huge part of this trip.

    Happy biking, all the best for 2020 to everyone!

  2. Hi Andrew, welcome to the readers!
    I would like to add a little clarification to the letter:

    I never questioned Alee’s sincerity and credibility.
    I have 100% trust in him and he has helped me a lot in traveling-equipment information, knowledge, and I can only be grateful to him.

    My point is: I’d love to hear ANOTHER honest review of a bicycle by a user who is not Koga-sponsored.

    That is all.

    Alee & Andrew you are all golden and English is only my 3rd language; ), so sorry for the little ambiguity.

    Happy cycling to everyone!

    Attila Bartha

    • Hi Attila.
      Thanks for the comment.
      I didnโ€™t read it like that at all.
      You need to be very careful when reading a review of something when it is โ€˜sponsoredโ€™ or written by an โ€˜ambassadorโ€™. You were correct to mention that in your email.
      Happy cycling! ๐Ÿ™‚
      P.S. When do you set off?

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