Cruising The Rhine: Day 5 – Cycling The Mosel (Well, Part Of It…)

Finally! Some cycling… And not just any cycling. For the first time in my life I have been on an e-Bike on a short ride along the Mosel at Cochem, a place famous for its fairy-tale castle. Great fun was had and this e-Bike sceptic has been converted. I shan’t be rushing out to buy one just yet (or indeed cancelling the order for Wanda, the Koga WorldTraveller) but they should clearly be seen as an option for anyone who wants to cycle, not just those who would consider it a challenge too far to keep cycling on a standard bike. Today I have seen the future in Cochem and, with all the e-Bikes on the cycle paths of Germany, clearly lots of people have beaten me to the party.

Our guide was Lothar and along with a small group of passengers on the Fred Olsen operated Brabant we headed off, at some speed, for the hills. Enjoy the film.

The authorities have even seen sense to start installing these e-Bike top-up stations. Britain will one day catch up but as per usual, it may take some time.

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  1. Yes, I was converted to being an e-bike fan in Germany too! The price means they’re still probably a purchase option only for commuting or physical needs, but they’re a great rental option for touring jaunts, particularly in areas a bit too hilly for a leisure trip. In Britain, for instance, they can encourage casual cyclists to enjoy Cornwall or Northumberland say. E-bikes are great fun!

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