In Praise Of… Warmshowers (2)

I joined Warmshowers – the cycle touring community’s accommodation sharing website – over 7 years ago but after finishing my last long trip in 2015 and moving up to Yorkshire, things went quiet. In Reading – in the Thames Valley – I was en route to London from the west and Oxford and beyond for those travelling from the east. Here in northern England I’m a little off the beaten track although very close to route 68the Pennine Cycleway – that I cycled myself back in 2009.

It was thus nice to be contacted by Paul a few weeks ago. An American, he was on a long, long ride around Europe and heading to Scotland from where he planned to fly back to North America. I’ve just posted some positive feedback about Paul to Warmshowers and took the opportunity of glancing back through the pictures I had taken of other people I have met via Warmshowers over those 7 years both as a host and as a guest. Some good memories! If you aren’t a member, I would encourage you to join.

Read more posts about Warmshowers by following this link and to read In Praise Of… Warmshowers (1) it’s here! Should you be passing, here’s my own Warnshowers profile.


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