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I recently disposed of the tent (sagging back end… – the tent, not me) so initially it will be Warmshowers and Youth Hostels. B&Bs if necessary… a cheap hotel if I must. Yorkshire is blessed with plenty of Warmshowers people. I am one of the wheels on the […]

A Plan For 2018

Second post of 2018. Second quote from a book – a different book – that I’m reading: “Cycling is a popular pastime in Yorkshire, especially in the industrial areas – there are no fewer than sixty clubs in West Yorkshire alone. Indeed, the county’s dedication to cycling led […]

In Praise Of… Warmshowers (2)

I joined Warmshowers – the cycle touring community’s accommodation sharing website – over 7 years ago but after finishing my last long trip in 2015 and moving up to Yorkshire, things went quiet. In Reading – in the Thames Valley – I was en route to London from […]

In Praise Of… Warmshowers

Alberto, Jenna, Martin, David, Marengo, Diego, Wade, Robert, Matthew, Ross, Kate, Sean, Alain, Carla, Eddy, John, Jane, and Ross all have something in common: I’ve met them through the accommodation sharing website for travelling cyclists called Warmshowers. Some have stayed with me, others have accommodated me on my […]