Cycling Day 76: Trondheim To Åfjord

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A Mercedes day if ever there was one… More of an exploration of Norwegian civil engineering than the glory of the countryside. Grim weather. Tried out wet weather gear. Effective if a little cumbersome. Met a Norwegian cyclist who had started in Nordkapp heading south. Thought of lots of good questions to ask him once he had cycled off. Campsite OK but there are millions of tiny flies around the tent waiting to pounce. And I’ve got a cold coming… At least I spent the day heading due north (see map in stats).

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  1. Riding home from work on my touring ‘rig’ yesterday I encountered an avoidable maintenance issue: rack hanging off due to loss of a screw I could have spotted and tightened had I been a bit more conscientious. Luckily the bottle rack used the same screws and I cannibalised to good effect. Just a thought : to run over all the loosening bits with Allen key etc. to avoid similar .. esp. in the Northern wastes (I exaggerate) where bike shops are becoming a little scarce. But I guess you have that all covered in your routines by now! Keep up the hard work and keep the words flowing, please!

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