Cycling Day 76: Trondheim

It’s just before 9.30am and I’ve returned for the final time into the centre of Trondheim. Steven and Anita have been good hosts for the past two nights; I’ve eaten and drunk well, I’ve learnt a little about how the Norwegians live their lives (the good and the not-so-good…), and on a practical level I now have a full set of cleans clothes and all ten pieces of equipment that need charging have indeed been charged. Yes, I did say ‘ten’*. I’ve also hacked off my beard. This took some doing as I only had one disposable razor remaining. I survived the experience unbloodied. Talking of things medical, I have been bitten on my feet of all places, probably in Steven’s garden on Saturday evening so now have, literally, itchy feet.

I haven’t given too much thought to today’s cycle. In a few minutes I’ll return to the point where I arrived on Sunday afternoon just outside the cathedral, the end of the pilgrimage path and the Eurovelo 3. Eurovelo 1 continues via the car ferry to the piece of land just to the north of Trondheim. There’s a passenger ferry nearer the centre of town which is probably a longer trip but the car ferry does require a cycle out of town. Tonight, a return to camping I imagine although I have yet to examine the options. That’s a job to do on the ferry. More later.

* They are:

  1. iPhone
  2. Mini iPad
  3. Mini keyboard for Mini iPad
  4. Rear bike light
  5. Front bike light
  6. Old Power Monkey battery
  7. New Power Monkey battery
  8. GoPro camera
  9. GoPro extra battery
  10. SLR camera

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  1. Hi Andrew Really enjoying your blog and have read your books. We too are keen cyclists, is the campsite that you spoke so highly of in the Loire area in Olivet? Thanks Maggie Armstrong

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