Cycling Day 77: Åfjord

Two hours ago I was in the tent feeling rather grimy after not taking a shower last night, trying to work out whether my nascent cold was still in my nose or had moved south again to my throat, listening to the pitter patter of rain on the tent, peering nervously outside the tent to see if the swarms of midges were still hovering in anticipation of prime British flesh, scratching my feet which now have even more bites on them than before, considering whether it was an option to just not move for the rest of the day… You see, I can multi task. But no! I’m now here, in the nearby shopping centre…

…feeling much more positive as to how the day may pan out.

Me: Hei hei… [Sounds like a dodgy chat up line but it means ‘hello’]. Do you speak English?

Assistant: Yes, a little. [It’s always either ‘a little’ followed by fluent English or ‘yes, of course’ followed by a polite but slightly indignant look.]

Me: Can I have one of these [points at pastry that is described as a ‘kanel bolle’ and which I pronounce as ‘cannon ball’] and a coffee?

Assistant: Yes, that 35 NK.

Me: If they [the cannon balls] are good I may come back for another. I might be here for some time, at least until the rain stops.

Assistant: That could be next September.

Proof that the Norwegians have a sense of humour! Also an indication that in these parts the rain sticks around. 

All that said, the rain has now ceased and there’s even a small patch of blue sky above the shopping centre! I will however continue to sit here, have a second coffee and peruse the map. Yesterday I set off with no fixed destination in mind. I do prefer it when I have something to aim for, even if I eventually miss the target. Note to self: find a campsite without midges. I think I know how the woman behind the counter might react to that comment…

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  1. Ha Ha, remember I said the further north you get the more the Norgs resemble the English..? Especially in the humour dept..! They also speak much clearer too (less singing) so you may even learn how to speak the lingo! Kanel=Cinnamon 😉

  2. Congratulations Andrew on your amazing trip so far! Have to catch up on your blogs but enjoy your posts and great photos. We are looking forward to our next cycle trip in Europe in 2016. Just have to decide where.

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