Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Final 25 Days?

Well, it might be 25. It could be more; it could be less… I am on target to reach Europe’s most northerly point by the end of the 100th day of cycling as my average is currently around 77 km/day with fewer than 2,000 km left to cycle. But that plan might be scupered by the terrain of northern Norway as well as the weather. On the latter point, it doesn’t look great for the next week or so; cold and potentially wet.

I’m expecting Trondheim – where I am currently spending my second night – to be the last major settlment that I visit before arriving in Nordkapp. That said, there are still plenty of small towns and villages through which I will cycle along the way as well as a whole host of campsites and no doubt service stations. With some hostels and perhaps a few WarmShowers hosts thrown in for good measure I should be able to survive the next few weeks in one piece. Let’s hope that the bike does as well. I’ll be following the Eurovelo 1 cycling route and avoiding the main road – the E6 – as much as I possibly can. Wild camping? Perhaps… Let’s see how things pan out over the next few days. Quite a few ferries will be needed, starting tomorrow morning with a boat that takes me from Flakk to Rorvika. The longest ferry I will need is the one from Bodo to the Lofoten Islands. I’ve always assumed that this move away the mainland is to avoid tunnels through which cycling is banned but from what I hear from others who have been there, it’s no bad thing to be visiting the islands anyway. 

You may have noticed that in recent weeks that I have not been great at writing about the day that has just happened at the end of the day when it did happen! The days are increasingly long and to a certain extent more physically challenging. So, as from cycling day 76 I’ll be seriously cutting down on what is written here. I will, however, be prioritising the photographic / video aspects of the website and hopefully posting more than once a day (as I have done for the past few days) but what I write will be severly curtailed. It will also mean that there’s a greater incentive for you to read the book when it is available at some point in 2016. That said, remember that the books contain little of what is written at the time. I have in the past gone out of my way to avoid copying and pasting from the website and I have no intention of starting to do that for book 3. A blog and a book are fundamentally different creatures and they need to be written from different perpectives.

All that said, I will keep responding to any comments made here, on Twitter or on the Facebook page. Advice, suggestions and offers of help are always welcome.

The journey continues…

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