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  1. Never booked and always found a spot. In that area of Scotland they get a lot of people touring (either by bike or campervan) and just staying one night so they are used to it. Places also say that they will always find space for a bike / backpacker even if they are ‘full’.

  2. Hi Andrew
    Love your route – covered most of it over the last couple of years. My hints and tips:
    – Skin so Soft is rubbish but Smidge works a treat
    – Stay at Sunnyside Croft rather than Camasdarach – facilities MUCH better and I was only charged £7.50 / night. REALLY recommend this place.
    – Resipole looked large and manicured, but campsite at Strontian was a gem with good backpackers lounge
    – Scourie – good site especially if there is a good sunset
    – Oban – the Oban Caravan and Camping Park (2mls) south is excellent
    – Ullapool – the site in centre is fine and handy for pubs / ferry watching etc.

    • Thanks Jen – very useful indeed.
      Quick question: did you book in advance or did you find that there was always space for cyclists with just a small tent? 🙂

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