Three Kings, From London To Barcelona

Here are three guys who cycled along a similar route to me but from London Barcelona taking in large chunks of my 2010 journey from England to Italy and then my 2013 across southern France and into Spain. I wrote books about my adventures; these chaps have made a documentary. The full film is being launched at Look Mum No Hands!ย in London on Thursday 10th July at 8:30pm. The title of the film is Tres Reges (Three Kings in Spanish), their website is here and they are also on Facebook,ย Twitter and Instagram. It looks fun! Here is the trailer:

“In July 2012, three best buddies, Callum, Chris & Josh, embarked on a five week tour of Europe, the only way they knew how, on a bicycle. Starting in London and ending in Barcelona, this film follows the three men on a journey across Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain.

Though plagued by broken spokes, money shortages, heat stroke, sleeping rough, abrupt physical challenges and endless bouts of trash talk, the trip was a life goal for the men. The voyage taught lessons of dreaming big, friendship and persistence.”

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  1. Aren’t these the blokes who cycled from Cartagena to Rome a few years ago? It was serialised on BBC4 and the series was shown several times but I never got to see the whole series due to not knowing it was being shown each time. It was one of the things that inspired me to do my own long trip, from my back door to Istanbul. Also, what was the music in the clip? It sounded a bit like Tim Blake of Gong and Hawkwind fame. I’d love to know.

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