“Excellent & Amusing Commentary On A Solo Bicycle Trip… I Was Sorry When It Stopped”

From about Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie:

“Excellent and amusing commentary on a solo bicycle trip from Reading in England to Brindisi, on the heel of Italy.

This isn’t a journey through Outer Mongolia. Sykes always has the option of stopping and getting a train the rest of the way. He doesn’t have to learn to light fires with friction and make stew from ant grubs. He doesn’t even have to find out how to rewire his wheel spokes, although he does have to learn to dance a bit, sleep with donkeys and eat raw meat. And he has a fantastic time. All of which begs the question – why don’t more people have this kind of adventure?

Appropriately for a teacher, the author provides us with a little education on the way. History, geography and politics – Europe viewed as a network of bicycle tracks (possibly the crowning achievement of the Common Market). Even theology – there is a patron saint of cyclists ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s some solid advice for European touring as well, covering a variety of things from the need to find a balance between roughing it and rest days, to using the virtual support teams that social media plugs you into. He looks at the vexed questions of the right handlebars and security for touring, and in one of my favourite quotes points out that ultra-light tends to mean ultra-thin and ultra-ineffective.

I guess the best reflection I can provide on the book was that I was sorry when it stopped.”

Mark Henwick, December 2013

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