Too Good Not To Share…

20131209-171232.jpgTaken this morning in the grounds of Gillotts School in Henley-on-Thames where I ply my trade as a French teacher… It even made it onto the local news in the South of England: 


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  1. What a fabulous shot. I love it when you get that phenomenon where the mist clings to the ground like that (something to do with a temperature inversion i believe??). I can almost feel the chill seeping in.

    1. Andrew says:

      Did you see a similar picture that I posted last Friday; about the same time but a very different sky (exaggerated somewhat by Instagram but the difference is still stark)?

  2. John Hilson says:

    You’re definitely wasted as a teacher. Your photographic skills put my pathetic efforts to shame!

    1. Andrew says:

      Perhaps I am… 🙂

  3. welshcyclist says:

    Fabulous, who needs to cycle to Greece?? Lol, cheers.

    1. Andrew says:

      It’s a bit warmer in Greece however… 🙂

      1. welshcyclist says:

        Great to appreciate what we have here, but I’d love to cycle all the way to Greece, and not just for the weather, as you well know for the whole experience……….wow!

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